Meet the Team

Let us introduce ourselves!

Myg Inc is a husband/wife team dedicated to building quality homes that fit today’s economy! They feel that there is no reason why a person’s budget, or the size of the house for that matter, should prohibit a client from having an enduring home of one they can be proud of.

Jeremy Mygland has had over 20+yrs of building experience on all types of homes and styles. He believes in being hands‐on and knows what is going on with every building stage at all times. A relationship with the client is also important to him. He likes to keep the client educated on how their house is being built and why, along with being available to the client to answer any questions they may have along the way.

Alicia Mygland is the designer of Myg’s floor plans, backed with a degree in Interior Design and a meticulous eye. She is also beneficial in helping the client with finish selections. She feels that there is no need for a client to be overwhelmed by the building process. She is there to help the client have an exciting, stress-less building experience.

If “keeping it local” is important to you, you’ll love Myg. Jeremy is proud to say that all his sub‐contractors are in Helena and all suppliers are in his native state of Montana!