Our Story

Sometimes a door presents itself…

and whether you know it or not at the time, stepping through it may just be the opportunity you need to find your own unique way in life. At the time my wife Alicia and I decided to start our construction business, we were young, and I was quite content working for someone else rather than dealing with the responsibilities of a business owner.  However, we were in the market to purchase a starter home of sorts for ourselves and I was astounded by what I was finding. Being a part of the building industry, I was noticing an overwhelming lack of quality to structure, workmanship, and product in most of what we saw and builders were seemingly getting away with it. More appalling was the outrageous price tags attached to those houses. Where was the integrity? 

We both come from humble homes and a fierce work ethic. We worked hard for every dollar we earned, and every dollar mattered! I could see that other people like us were perhaps being taken advantage of, people who were spending their own hard earned dollars on a new home that I could tell was not going to withstand the test of time. (On a side note, none of those ‘contractors’ back then are in business today, and for good reason.) We decided that people like us deserved better and we could do something about it!

I knew how to build a house, and I happened to be married to someone who loves to design floorplans, with a degree in Interior Design. We set up a business plan to offer people quality homes at affordable prices. Just because people were purchasing a smaller, more modest home, didn’t mean that they had to give up any quality they could have had if their pocket books were larger. This became our passion and is still today our favorite niche! 

With that mantra in the forefront of our minds, we offered our first floorplan model, the Elkhorn at 1,440 sqft., at a price significantly cheaper than any competitor while offering a significantly higher quality build. We sold 18 houses that year which launched us into the success of a business that still holds on to those core values. Not too shabby for two young adults who wanted to make a difference in the building industry of our community. 

From those early years in business fast-forwarded to now, economic times and styles have evolved and we have adapted with them, but we are always looking for the next step in quality and affordability no matter the size of the home or the budget of our clients.

– Jeremy Mygland ‘Myg’